In short

Birthday: 27.04
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 83 kg

Club: Ski-Club Lys Albeuve-Neirivue
Coach: Pete aka #konacoaching


pont couvert en bois

As long as I remember, I was always into sport. I tried many: football, judo, badminton, unihockey, baseball, kung fu, road bike, mtb, … But why do one when you can do 3 in 1?

I completed my first triathlon when I was 13. It was one organized by the CS Neirivue:
– some hundreds meters swim at Bulle swimming pool
– around 12 km road bike from Bulle to Neirivue
– and a 4 km run, Neirivue to Lessoc train station and back
My time: 0:51:23.

Then, I was more on a bike than running or swimming but I was already addicted. My second triathlon was when I was at school (ECDD Bulle, end of school year – summer 1995). Can’t remember the distances but was one of the few under the hour, which was rewarded with an ice cream 😉

Then a lot of things happened, with more or less sport. And in March 2011, I was hired at SCOTT Sports. Surrounded with cyclists, skiers and triathletes, it was a matter of time before doing it again!

In 2015, I participated in the XTerra Switzerland:
– 1,5 km swim
– 32 km Mtb
– 10 km trail running
In a time of 03:03.52

At 40 (2020), I wanted to challenge myself with something a little silly. I decided it would be the Ironman Switzerland à Thoune:
– 3,8 km swim
– 180,2 km bike
– 42,2 km run

We all know how 202o unfolded. The race has been postponed to September 5th, 2021. 2020 étant ce qu’il a été, la course aura lieu le 5 septembre 2021. Results will come later.

See you.